2016 is the digital age, where hoardings and print media ads are replaced by the powerful social media which covers a larger demographics for the same cost. The large scale enterprises can easily over power your SME with their big bulky budgets and resources in marketing, so the question is how do you stay in the game without losing focus on your business?


                             Creating a Marketing Automation Strategy.


What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation is a software platform designed to help businesses market across multiple channels simultaneously.

Why do you need a Marketing Automation?

Marketing-Automation-SoftwareIt alleviates the need to perform repetitive tasks such as sending emails or marketing on social media sites which is time consuming and may divert the focus of the entrepreneur away from the core business objectives.

Local small businesses should consider using some form of marketing automation software / cost effective marketing team to keep up with the growing amount of content they will need to deliver to their customers and prospects.





What is a Marketing Automation Strategy?

Marketing Automation Strategy is a combination of a marketing automation tool and a team of Marketing Gurus to design and execute your tailored marketing plan. Strategies will address a tailored plan of how to effectively execute your marketing budget to achieve the highest return  in digital media marketing.


Why should you as a SME combine Marketing Automation with an Outsourced Marketing Team?


Deploying an automated system would only manage to a certain extent of your social channels, but employing a team with it would mean an all round package, in terms of handling your social channel, addressing social PR, content creation, assessing market trends, designing and executing marketing plan. They will do the hunting and talking to find the right resources for content creation and other marketing needs addressed above.

Secondly, Cost. Cost of Expertise, Cost of running a team, Cost of content creation and cost, cost, cost. As a SME, your focus should be effective cost management. Outsourcing your marketing will help your SME to be handled by a team of professionals who will address all aspects of marketing, for 1/3 of the cost of hiring a team.

They will aid your company’s’ growth up until the point where you can establish your own team, cost effectively.

Thirdly, GIGO, Garbage In, Garbage Out, a golden rule in terms of computing. If the user has no experience in Automated Marketing , you clearly know what you are going to get out of the system. By coupling the system up with a couple of experienced marketers, we can obtain valuable insights and predictions.

 Block Three Creative provides marketing automation by outsourcing to you a team of marketing gurus who can compile a marketing plan and execute the plan to best suit your business with a pinch of automation.