Our Services

We help businesses plan, design, build, manage, market and monetize websites. We’re also equally proficient when it comes to branding and multimedia design.

Responsive Web Development

We’re extremely proud of the build quality of our websites. Keeping current with evolving technologies and proper practices are all part of the fun for us - and it serves us well when it comes to producing websites that are dependable, stable, lightweight and secure, with only the cleanest of code.

Complete Brand Design

Whether you're looking for a new identity, looking to slightly streamline your look, or perhaps you need to bring your web presence inline with your offline branding - we have the creative aptitude and experience to add worth to your project.

Business / Enterprise Email Solutions

We provide dedicated email solutions that help connect businesses with customers and employees, with seamless features varying between corporate emails, cloud storage, document sharing, live video conferencing.

Marketing Automation

We provides marketing automation by outsourcing to you a team of marketing gurus who can compile a marketing plan and execute the plan to best suit your business with a pinch of automation.

Our Skills

Here are a few of the many stuff we're good at.

Multimedia Design

Website Development

Marketing & Branding

Websites Developed
Brands Designed
Sites Hosted


About Us

  • 2012


    Block Three was formed as a graphic design agency.

  • 2013

    Challenges & Roadblocks

    We struggled to find our ground with only one bullet in our chamber, in terms of what we had to offer at that time. Clients were always looking for something more. This is when we realized we needed to make a change.

  • 2014

    The Paradigm Shift

    We grew our team and spread our portfolio into Web Development and Design - learning the ropes of online branding along the way. We started to understand that an Online Branding Agency is something that we had the potential to become.

  • 2015

    Brand Revamped

    With a new, strong, experienced team; a few pivotal investments and a couple of projects later - the new re-vamped 'Block Three' came to be. Here to help brands take that journey to create something spectacular.

Our Partners

Shopbox - Ecommerce Solution Provider
Inowebz - Domain and Hosting Solutions Provider


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